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New Button



  1. In the Client Explorer, click the [New] button:


New Client Button.png


  1. The New Client form will open. On the General tab, type in any relevant information:


main form.jpg


In addition to standard information like phone and email, you can also pre-assign taxes or a Price Type. You can also set a default currency for the Client if you are using Multiple Currencies and/or an Avalara Tax Exemption Code if you have enabled Avalara Tax Integration.


currency and avalara.jpg


  1. On the Addresses tab, click the New button enter any relevant addresses for the Client:


New Client Address.png



  1. On the Contacts tab, enter any Contacts you want to be associated with the Client.

New Options


You can choose to add a new Contact "from Scratch", add an existing Contact, or import Contacts from Outlook.


New Client Contact.png

Create as Client


This option will create a Contact based off of the Client.


New Create as Client.png

Set as Primary


Once you've added a Contact or multiple Contacts, you can set one as the Primary Contact. The Primary Contact is added to SI Projects automatically when a Client is selected for a Project.


New Set as Primary.png


  1. When finished, click the [Save and Close] button.
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