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Order Status

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Here you can add/edit/delete your default Order Statuses list.


The default list has three Order Statuses: Not Ordered, Ordered, In Stock/Received.


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This list allows you to mark Products in a Project with an appropriate Order Status.



Here you can add/edit/delete Order Statuses using the function buttons. You can also move them up or down in the list.


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Once a Product has been added to a Project, the Order Status field, as well as Ordered Date and Received Date fields become available:


order tab for product.png


You can set these manually within the Project Editor or these fields will automatically be populated (based on your settings, see below) when you create a Purchase Order. This is also true for QuickBooks Purchase Orders.


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You can use the above the options to choose if you would like to automatically set the Order Status for the three actions.

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