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Price Rules

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The Price Rules feature allows you to create rules to apply to Products/Labor Items in your SI Catalog or Projects to change any pricing fields. Price Rules are global, meaning that they will be shared with all users automatically.


price rules.jpg


When you click the [Price Rules] button you can create or apply Price Rules to all your Products/Labor Items or just the ones you have selected in the grid. Once clicked, the Price Rules form opens:


price rules form.jpg


When creating a Price Rule you will choose the following (depending on your Operation selection): Destination Field, Destination Price Type, Source Field, Source Price Type, Operation, and Value.


The fields available for the Destination Field varies depending on whether you are in the Product Explorer or in the Project Editor.


Destination Fields (Project Explorer) Destination Fields (Project Editor) Source Fields
Unit Cost Unit Cost Unit Cost
Unit Price Unit Price Unit Price
Margin Margin  
Markup Markup  


By default the name of the Price Rule be the formula but you create but you can uncheck the following option and name the Rule whatever you wish:


set name.jpg


Click the Apply Rule button to apply the price change to the selected Products/Labor Items and/or the Save Rules button to save a rule for future use.

Project Editor


Price Rules within the Project Editor can be applied via the Update button:


price rules project editor.jpg


There is an additional option on the form to display rounding options after applying a rule:



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