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The Portal.io button in the Add Products from Library interface allows you to download Products from Portal.io:




To download from Portal.io you must first register with them and receive a key. This will open a dialog where you can enter your Portal.io key if you have one. If you don't have one, please contact Portal.




A list of all of Portal.io Categories and Subcategories will display on the left side of the dialog allowing you to filter:




You can filter your data by searching or with the options on the ribbon:


portal options.jpg



One method to download the Products displaying on the page is to use the Download button on the ribbon where you can choose "Selected" or "All":




You can also select the Products you wish to download and click the Download button next to one of the selected Products:


download button.jpg


Another option is to select the Products that you want to download and drag them over to the Downloads section on the right side of the interface. Use Shift or Ctrl on your keyboard to select multiple products.


download drag.jpg


The Suppliers icon will display if Portal.io has suppliers associated with a Product and the number indicates how many suppliers there are:




Clicking this button will open a form and allow you to download the Product with the chosen supplier's pricing (Unit Cost):


download from supplier.jpg


Note: If there is no supplied price you won't be able to download the product via this method. Instead use one of the other methods for downloading described above.



You can choose what fields you want to download (the default is all fields), as well as a few other options:




Mark downloaded products as approved

This option is checked by default. You may wish to uncheck this if you want to easily find products in your Catalog that you have not yet reviewed.

Ignore blank product field values

This option is checked by default. Having this checked will not overwrite a locally populated field with a blank field from the D-Tools Library when doing an update on a Product you have previously downloaded. For example: You downloaded a Product that had no MSRP value and no I/Os. You manually add the MSRP but request that D-Tools update the I/Os. You are notified that we have corrected the Product and added I/Os so you open the D-Tools Data Browser and choose to re-download the Product. You would want this box checked so it did not zero out the MSRP that you manually entered.

Download product thumbnail(s)

This will download the jpg thumbnail image for products.


Note: If you are downloading new products, e.g. ones that don't already exist in your Catalog, you can leave all of the Options selected. However, if you are downloading existing products with the purpose of just updating the MSRP or Unit Cost field for your exiting products, you may want to uncheck Category, Subcategory, and Short Description from the Options dropdown so these fields do not get overwritten:

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