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SI v15 Release Notes




Major Features


Solutions– Groupings of products and packages to allow users to quickly quote projects with linked identical solutions. Changes made in one instance of a linked solution updates all instances of the linked solution in the project

Mass Update function added in Project Explorer

New Project Wizard settings allow users to set required fields

Custom fields for products and projects can be re-ordered and only the custom fields in use will display

Added 20 more list-type project custom fields



Allow archived projects, and their revisions, change orders and drawings to be opened read-only

Added new project fields for Won Date, Lost Date and Completed Date and added to business analytics

Allow manual revisions to be created for approved projects

Increase size limit of Customer Portal shared documents from 20MB to 50MB

Color coding for OFE and Non-Billable items throughout SI

Right-click for web options in Project Editor and Visio/AutoCAD Interfaces

Custom layout save options to Project Editor docked windows

Mass Update functionality to placeholder items

Revision compare now displays changes in allowance and bundled cable items

Added "Product Cost (With Tax)" to project summary views and use appropriate field to calculate margin/markup per project setting

Allow user to select multiple Checklists to add to project at one time

Add a Projected Price (without tax) field to project business analytics

Gantt View – allow task to be inserted above position 1 in list

Enabled schematic block selection in Block Selection Settings

Added OFE and Non Billable fields to Visio and AutoCAD Block Attribute List

Estimate numbers should show from approved project and other approved change orders when sending items to existing QuickBooks estimate from a change order

Improved speed of Project Editor open and reports



New Solution Summary client report listing all solutions in project

All stock client reports to support “No grouping”

Allow for report definitions to be cloned

Apply Report Setting for Change Orders to "Project Summary" Section

Added Time sheet and resource options to Service Order and Task Reports



Allow Calendar to pop out into own interface

Persist resources on calendar view

Part Number displays in Mobile Install and OFE and Non-Billable Products are designated in Mobile Install



Add "Has Alternates" field to Catalog and Product Queries

Wire specifications - terminals and headend dropdowns to allow type ahead

Increase limit for Checklist item name to 250

Clients and Vendors


Add CreatedOn and UpdatedOn to Clients and Vendors

Allow multiple addresses to be imported from single Clients CSV

Allow Owner field to be updated via CSV Import

Add client business analytics fields for Contacts, Billing Address and Site Address



Allow for multiple windows to be open for tasks, service orders, service plans and purchase orders in SI

Prompt to add manufacturer, category and preferred vendor when not in list



Added server settings to store integrations to export on project check in (shared with all users)

Added new endpoint for RoundUnitPrice

Creating/Updating Labor Line Items on Project Creation and Project Updates



Custom field name display issues in list-type business analytics and CSV export

Project created from templates with Rtf SOW defaulting to text for SOW

Approved accessory items gets deleted from project when deleting a pending change order

Double-click when opening Visio drawing not prompting to check out the project at times

Update project items from SI purchase orders does not account for currency

Force Check in not deleting the second users Files, Revisions and Change Orders at times

Remove the decimal and decimal places from Chart type business analytics

Add Save As option to Edit Chart Analytic for built-in business analytics

Line Item Detail Reports not respecting OFE Report Setting

Filter reset button must be enabled in all summary views in project editor and it should revert to default column sorting

Maintain margin/markup with recalculate price option should disable when source field is used as price in the price rule

User may get multiple prompts after session time out with projects checked out

Hotfix 1 (1/20/21)


Sharing reports to customer portal for approved projects equipment total gets doubled in summary section or get an exception “An item with the same key has already been added”
Crash may occur when doing find usages in projects from product explorer (requires server update also)
Crash occurs on doing update packages from catalog with multiple packages
Crash may occur on adding items from project to purchase order when multiple PO windows are open
Crash may occur when importing project from D-Tools Cloud with packages
Accessory items show as unassigned location and system even though the parent item is assigned a location and system
Accessory items display along with parent item on reports irrespective of the "Keep accessories with parent” setting
Global image displaying instead of project image for approved project in CP published report
Foreign characters are not coming correctly when export to CSV and summary export to pdf
Message in customer portal email gets cut off if there is an ampersand in message
Update from catalog for multiple items in linked solution adds the missing accessory item twice
Client and Vendor explorer custom layouts column width is not getting applied

API: Project automation (SI to Integration) may not work

Hotfix 2 (2/8/21)


Solutions may not clone correctly
Advanced project summary detail report doubling pricing for accessories if there are optional items
Package items may not display under packages after cloning packages
Service plan editor fields are enabled for approved service plan
New Package dialog and New Allowance dialog are not opening solution editor in catalog

Project explorer screen may not display correctly when switching monitors with different resolutions

Address fields cannot be searched in Client Explorer and Vendor Explorer


Hotfix 3 (3/18/21)


Crash may occur on comparing project revision with deleted and added phase in project.
Wire items are doubled in the project when quick filter is set to show wire and finish wire
Display message when running project reports that user can continue to work in SI
Crash error occurs when linking wire connection to pinout shape in Visio in certain regional formats
Cost and price for catalog package items showing as zero when changing the price type.
Long Text custom fields display very small in high resolution monitors
Image now fits in the image frame for 4k monitor

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