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View Button


The View button allows you to change the look/layout of the grid in the Project Editor:


view dropdown.jpg



This view lists all Items within a Project individually. Packages, Allowances, and Bundled Cable also display in this view.


items view.jpg


Note: Misc. Items are not viewable here, keep reading.


The columns and groupings that display in this view are determined by your selections on the Layouts Tab within the Project Editor.



This view lists just the Packages within a Project. You can click on the Package name to see the Items details of the Package:



Misc. Items


This lists all of the Miscellaneous Items in the Project. This is the only view that displays Misc. Items.


misc items.jpg

Phase Summary


This view gives you a summary by Phase. You can click each Phase to see the details of the Items:



Location Summary


This view gives you a summary by Location. You can click each Location Name to see the details of the Items:



System Summary


This view gives you a summary by System. You can click each System to see the details of the Items:



Item Summary


This view gives you a summary by Item. You can click each It to see the details of the Items.


item summary.jpg


By default, this view does not display Packages, Optional Items, or any groupings but you can modify this via the options on the Layouts tab when in this View:




Note: Optional Items pricing will not be included in the totals.


Here you can use the Increase and Decrease buttons if you wish to change the quantity of items. When you click the Increase button, a modified Clone dialog will open:




The "Select quantity for each location" option is checked by default which allows you to set specific quantities for each Location that you select. When you uncheck this option, you will enter a common quantify at the top of the dialog for all selected Locations:


common qty.jpg


When you click the Decrease button the following dialog will open asking you to choose which exact items you are deleting:



Tax Summary


This view gives you a summary of the taxes for the Project:



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