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Adding Items to a Project

There are multiple ways to add Items to a Project: Products, Labor Items, Packages, and Misc. Items.

Add Buttons


The Add buttons allow you to add Products, Labor Items, or Packages from your Catalog to a Project. You can also add directly from the D-Tools Library. Click here for details.


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Drop Zone


The Drop Zone  is another method for adding Products, Labor Items, and Packages from your Catalog to a Project. Click here for details.


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New Button


The New button allows you to create a new Product, Labor Item, or Miscellaneous Item "from scratch" to a Project, i.e. they do not exist in your Catalog. Click here for details.


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There are a few ways to clone items within a Project. Click here for details.



Add Selected Items to Package


There are ways to create packages or add to existing Packages (Packages, Allowances, Bundled Cable) within a Project. Click here for details.


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