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Project Tab

The Project Tab within the Project Editor has many features/functions.


project tab.jpg


Click here for details on functions common to all tabs within the Project Editor like View, Quick Filter, etc. 

Adding Items to a Project


There are many ways to add Items to a Project. The Add button allows you to add from your SI Catalog or from the D-Tools Library.


add button.jpg


The New button allows you to create a new items in the Project that aren't in your Catalog from scratch:


new button.jpg


The Clone button allows you to quickly copy a product in any quantity and add to the Project.


There are even more ways to add items to a Project, click here for details.

Add Selected Items To


These features allow you to add selected items in the Project Editor and add them to new or existing Packages, Allowances, and Bundled Cable.


add selected items to dropdown.jpg


Click here for details.



There are a variety of features that can be accessed from the Open button on the ribbon:


open dropdown.jpg


Click here for details.

Link to Mobile Quote


link to mq.jpg


This will open a form that will let you choose a Mobile Quote that you want to link to the Project.

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