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Create a Revision

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When you create a Revision of a Project, you are making a read-only copy of the Project and its Project files. Revisions can be used in the bidding process to present options to your clients. Revisions can be compared against each other to view the differences between them.


Note: Once you approve a Project, a function of Change Orders, you will no longer be able to manually create Revisions. A Revision will automatically be created for the approved Project and a Revision will be automatically created for every approved Change Order.



  1. In the Project Explorer, select the Project you want to create a Revision of and click the Revisions tab in the bottom section of the interface then click the Create button. You must have the Project checked out to you.


revisions tab.jpg


  1. The Create Revision function will make a copy of the current Project and allow you to make notes on why the Revision is being created. You can also choose which other project files you would like to be a part of the revision:


create revision dialog.jpg


  1. The "current' Revision number is now one greater than the previous, in this example the "current" Revision is Revision 1:


revision column.jpg


The Revision that displays in the top section of the Project Explorer is always the highest number Revision for a Project and it is the only one that is editable. You will make changes to the Project (highest number revision) and can compare the changes made against other Revisions.


Other Revisions can be viewed and opened in a read-only state via the Revisions tab in the bottom section of the Project Explorer interface:




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