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Calculated Pricing for Products

You have the option of setting a calculated price for Products vs. a set price when creating new Products. Let's call these Calculated Products.Calculated Products can be used for shipping, per diems, or anything else that you want to account for that is not a "piece of equipment". When creating a new Product, click the Calculated radio button on the Price tab:


calculated radio button.jpg


This page focuses on the unique fields for a Calculated Product, click here for details on all of the other fields for Products.



Existing products in your Catalog cannot be converted to a calculated price. Only new products being added can be set to be calculated.


Calculated products do not calculate off of each other, i.e. the price of other calculated items will not be used for other calculated items. This includes Calculated Labor Items and Calculated Allowances.


No labor is applied to Calculated Products. A Phase can be assigned to them but no labor hours.



There are a variety of options to set the value for the Unit Cost and Unit Price for a Calculated Product.



First you choose your source field. This can be the Product Unit Price or Product Unit Cost or you can choose one of the following Total fields:




The "Recalculate Automatically" option is checked by default. This will automatically update the Unit Cost/Unit Price of the product within a Project when the value for the Source changes. If you do not have this box checked you can still manually recalculate the price for a Calculated Product within a Project.



Next you choose an operation from the following list:





Once you've chosen an operation you can then set a value. The value will either be a percentage or a decimal number based on the operation chosen:





You have the option of setting one or more of the following filters shown below:




If you do not choose a filter when using a "Total" Source, the Project total for that source will be used.

Other Fields


other fields.jpg


All of the above fields apply to calculated prices except Labor Hours. No labor is applied to a product with a calculated price.


Note: Your tax fields will vary depending on your tax settings.

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