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New Ribbon Layouts in v14



In v14 we not only updated all of our icons throughout the application, we also consolidated many of the functions into dropdown menus to reduce the number of buttons on the ribbons. In addition to this, we added common functions for each explorer to each tab for quick access. We understand that any changes we make may take some time to get used to so hopefully this article will help.



Many functions that were on the crowded ribbons in v13 have been moved to dropdown menus:


dropdown 1.jpg



Instead of having a dedicated tab for the various settings for each Explorer, we added a dropdown menu on every tab for quick access:



Common Functions


On most Explorer ribbons we repeated common functions to each tab to reduce the save users time by not having to toggle between tabs to find them. In the example below from the Project Explorer, the circled functions display on every tab:


common functions.jpg


We made every effort not to remove functions from their appropriate tabs but if you are having trouble finding anything, you can always right-click in each Explorer to see all available commands:



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