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SI v16 Release Notes


v16 was released 4/26/2021 - Build 16.18.3584.0


Project Rule to automatically create revision for specific project statuses on check in
Project Rule to auto delete older revisions on check in
Project Rule to auto archive older projects
Project setting to automatically round pricing
Option to allow separate numbering for External and Internal Change Orders
Add Project Hours column to Project Explorer and Project Business Analytics
Prompt to add missing project files when checking in or archiving projects
Display Management and Design Subphases in Phase Summary view in Project Editor
Option to Include Optional Items in Item Summary View in Project Editor
Add field to project items to "Exclude In in Calculated Items"
Automatically add Sales Rep, Designer and Project Manager as Resources in project on save
Add option in update from/to catalog for packages to update package items
Project setting to persist all replace options
Allow for editing of Long Text custom fields in Project Editor
Allow labor items to be rounded in projects
Gannt View - Add filter to find planning tasks with 0 Budgeted Hours and 0 Duration
Add Check Order Status button to QuickBooks Ribbon in Project Editor
New permissions for "Modify My Projects (Assigned To)", "Modify My Projects (Resource)" and "Mass Update Projects"
Support OneDrive and other web folder in Visio as the projects folder
Export to CSV option item summary view in Project Editor



Support a maximum of 50 product price types with ability to add and remove price types
Add OFE setting to Products in Catalog
Add Do Not Order field to catalog accessories
Refresh button in Product, Labor, and Package Explorer should reload Quick Filter data from database
Allow for Part Number field on Packages and Solutions
Improve Use Tax messaging


Ability to define Business Holidays at company level
Allow five calendar windows to be opened at same time
Allow to drag and drop Tasks and Service Orders to other Resource's Calendars


Add 20 Custom Fields to Tasks - five text, five boolean, five date, and five list.
Add 20 Custom Fields to Service Orders - five text, five boolean, five date, and five list.
Add 20 Custom Fields to Service Plans - five text, five boolean, five date, and five list.
Add a user configurable priority field to Service Orders
Add color to Schedule Status and display in Explorer and Calendars

Purchase Orders


Allow for a company default shipping address

Workflow Rules and Notifications
Add Custom Fields to Workflow Rules
Insert Field functionality for Workflow Rules email message
Add ability to send email notifications primary contact on Project, Task, Service Order, Purchase Order or Service Plan
Reminder notifications for Estimated Close Date, Actual Close Date, Start Date and End Date for projects



Add ability to look up "Site" inventory quantity for QuickBooks desktop files with multi location feature
Allow for multiple QuickBooks company files to be stored in QuickBooks Settings with easy option to switch between companies

Vendor Partners


Add UpdatedBy and UpdatedOn fields for Vendor Partner Price Updates
Add User Group Permission for Catalog "Manage Vendor Partners"

Mobile Install


Add line by line approval of Site items in Mobile Install
New Mobile Install permission to edit actual hours on a Resource
Allow users to display and update priority and custom fields in Mobile Install Tasks and Service Orders
Add “Next 30 days” option to Timeline dropdown in Mobile Install



Option to encrypt Client and Server communication 
Upgrade to .Net Framework 4.8
Add "Auto-Fit All Columns" function to more interfaces
Add a "Name" field for Client Addresses


Customer Portal check for signature support in subreports as well as main report
Add Location Group to reporting XML Data
Display Phase on reports if either hours or price is not equal to zero



Add Package and Solution information to project items API
Add Specification Fields on Catalog API
Add Assigned to, Sales Rep, Project Manager and Designer on project API 
Add Note Field on Service Order API
Add Accounting item name, Product and Labor Custom fields on Service Orders API

Hotfix 1 (5/17/2021)


Build 16.18.3605.0


Do not allow for duplicate business holidays
Crash Error can occur when saving custom fields for Service Orders   
Report groups cannot be shared in customer portal
Title blocks are not populating in AutoCAD
Proposal report may crash in foreign culture with "Show labor by phase in summary " and "Show labor hours in summary " turned on
Project summary report may crash in foreign culture
Taxable should be true for new items in project CSV Import
Find product usage in projects may show same item twice when changing filters

Hotfix 2 (6/16/2021)


Build 16.18.3635.0


Improve speed and memory usage of sync projects
Regenerate Component ID does not respect Component ID start 
Column Groupings not being maintained when Quick Filter is used in certain Explorers
Sorting option not working for Unapproved and Discontinued columns in Update from Catalog dialog
Crash may occur on exporting report to PDF if SI server not available
Searching projects not working for following fields: Client PO Number, Accounting Estimate Number, Accounting Order Number, Order Number
Crash error occurs while changing Visio shape on locked layer
View Resource Cost Permission issue in Manage Users dialog
Import approved project options not displaying when importing second project
API : Add Project Approved Date to Export Project API

Hotfix 3 (7/19/2021)


Build 16.18.3668.0


Crash error when a project is checked in and project was deleted by another user on server
Decimal rounding values display incorrectly in project price adjustments dialog when importing a project from D-Tools Cloud
New package items are not adding to package in project when updating a package from catalog
Delete issues in Gantt View when filtering for zero budgeted hours
Catalog product item being marked as unapproved when doing update packages to catalog in project

Hotfix 4 (8/19/2021)


Build 16.15.3699.0


Items may not display in approved change order after applying quick filter and running report for filtered items
Creating a new allowance or bundled cable in a project should be taxable by default
Vendor pricing may time out for supplier with multiple brands like ADI and Almo
Avalara tax calculation bug when items have discount of 100% and no net unit price
QuickBooks Customer:Job may not populate when creating purchase order from project
Excel wire connection report is not working for bundle cables

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