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Service Plan Items



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Service Plan items determine the price of the service Plan. Service Plan Items display on the default Service Plan Report and will list the Name, Description, Price, and Frequency.


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Here you can add/edit/clone/delete your Service Plan Items. 


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The fields for a Service Plan item are shown below:


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Here you can set the Name, Description, Frequency, and pricing. The Frequency Is where you will choose how often your client will be billed for the Service Plan Item. You can choose One Time, Weekly, Biweekly (once every two weeks), Monthly, Bimonthly (once every two months), Quarterly, Semiannually, or Annually.



Pricing can be set manually using the "Standard" option or it can be calculated. A Project must be associated with the Service Plan for which you wish to use Service Plan Item with a calculated price because the calculation is based on Project items. When you click the Compute button, the following dialog opens:


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Here you can choose your Source, Operation, Value, and a Filter.



You can choose what value you wish to use for your calculation:


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Once you choose a field for your Source, you will then need to decide if the field applies to all Project Items, or just the Project Items that have been added to your Service Plan. Click here for details on Project Items on Service Plans.





You must choose an operation for your calculation, the available list is shown below:





Once an Operation is chosen, you then set your value:




On the primary dialog, you will also choose whether or not the Service Plan item is taxable. The tax rate can be set per Service Plan.


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There are a few additional fields for Service Plan Items once they have been added to a Service Plan. Click here for details.

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