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Price Adjustments & Rounding





These settings allow you to add or subtract a percentage based on the Product and Labor total for a Project, as well as choose to what level you want the Unit Price to round to for Projects.


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Price Adjustments can be either positive or negative. Product Adjustment and Misc. Parts Adjustment are applied to Equipment. Labor Adjustment is applied to Labor.


Some examples: Product Adjustment can be used to add a discount to a Project. Misc. Parts Adjustment can be used to account for consumables on a project.


Each of these fields can be overridden on a per Phase basis to get more granular.

Round Unit Price


The default in SI is to use four decimals for pricing fields. This helps to improve accuracy when dealing with wire that is sold by the foot or meter. This setting will allow you to choose if you would like to round the Unit Price of an item to, say, two decimals instead of four when added to a Project or adjusted within a Project.

Additional Information


The adjustment values only add or subtract pricing from a Project, there is no Unit Cost associated with these so by default they are not used in calculations of your margin or markup. However, the rounding option you choose will affect the margin/markup of Items/Projects.


The values for these fields display on the last page of the stock Proposal (non-Install) reports in SI:




If you wish to change the wording "Product Adjustment", "Misc. Parts Adjustment", and/or "Labor Adjustment" on your reports, there are Reports Settings for this.


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