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 Here you can set your I/O List Settings for Terminal, Signal, and Label.


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The Manage I/O's form is where you can add/edit/delete entries to your three lists that makeup an Input/Output in SI: Terminal, Signal, and Label.


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Here you can create a custom list of the names of Terminals, Signals, and Labels to be used when setting the Inputs/Outputs for Equipment in your Catalog and Start and End Terminals for Wires. These lists are available in the I/O Studio.


I/O Type


Use this dropdown to select which list you wish to modify.


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The New button will create a new Terminal/Signal/Label and the Delete button will delete from your list.





You can change the case of one or multiple Terminals/Signals/Labels at a time. Make multiple selections by holding down Shift (to select a series) or Ctrl (to select outside of a series). Your options are: Upper, Lower, Title, Sentence.

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