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SI v17 Release Notes




v17 was released on 9/29/2021

Time Sheets


Create and manage Company, Projects, Task and Service Order Time Sheets
Approve Time Sheets with user costs and overtime rates
Download Time Sheets created In Mobile Install to SI as pending Time Sheets
Import Time Sheets from CSV file
Project Job Cost Report 
Project Backlog Report
Project Revenue Recognition Report 
Labor Utilization Report



Add specific Component ID format for all Item types and expand functionality
Add two additional Scope of Work options for Engineering and Installation
Improved AutoCAD templates
Change tax dropdowns in projects to combine project and catalog taxes
Add Installed Cost and Profit columns in Project Editor
Add project rule to use Project Number vs. Project Name for Project Folder
Add project rule to "Allow duplicate Project Numbers"
Add Price with Tax column to Change Order History
Add Filter functionality to Custom Layouts in Project Explorer
Mass Updating OFE give option to restore catalog cost and price
Display size of files and warn for large file sizes when creating project revisions
Add Column Chooser to Assign Head End and Bulk Wire Length Form
Option in automatic unit price rounding functionality in projects to ignore prices in a range
Add project settings for Alternates and Replace to not pre-filter category
Add more pagination options to Project Explorer
Improve Project Check-in services 



Allow for Phase mapping when downloading from D-Tools Library
Create multiple aliases for Manufacturers and use when updating from Library and CSV Import
Mass Update improvements to check for duplicate Manufacturer and Model
Improve speed of Product Explorer open
Add Option to enable or disable Use Tax in catalog and projects
Add margin and markup checks in in CSV Import



Resource Hours interface updated to display data from Time Sheets
Add task setting to automatically set percentage complete on task based on items installed
Upgrade actual hours on tasks and service orders on first open to Time Sheets
Gantt View – Add, Copy, and Move functions
Allow Tasks to be open for edit in Gantt View
Add export to Excel from Gantt View
Allow date changes in SI Tasks converted from Gantt Tasks
Ability to Mass Update fields in Gantt View
Prompt for Start Date when adding from Project/Checklist to Gantt View

Purchase Orders


Add Custom Layouts to Items tab for Purchase Orders
Add Vendor Reference Number to Purchase Order Explorer Search



New QuickBooks Settings for aggregation and adjustments
Option to change start date of QBO inventory item when creating QB item from SI

Mobile Install


Add "Keep me signed in" option to Mobile Install, stores login info for 14 days
Locked project items cannot be updated in Mobile Install tasks



Support Windows 11
Add four hyperlink custom fields to Products/Labor, Projects, Tasks, Service Orders, and Service Plans
Add grouping ability to clauses on Business Analytics
Add option to ignore UOM at product level for partner pricing
Add date-wise data to Sign-In Logs
Improve upload service for allowing up to 100MB files in the Customer Portal and PDF conversions
Display contact count in Client and Vendor editors
Change Boolean Custom Fields from Yes/No Dropdown to Checkbox
Use SQL Server 2019 Express as default SQL Server for fresh installs



Upgrade Active Reports to v15
Export reports to Microsoft Excel in xlsx format
Improve Item Hash in reports to account for differences in summarize accessories



API to create and update clients in SI from Integrations (manual)
API to create Service Orders in SI (manual)
Automate export of tasks to integrations
Automate export of a service orders to integrations
Integration setting to send variable labor with phase labor
Add Labor Hours on GET projects API
Add Do Not Order on GET projects API
Additional IO fields on Subscribe and Publish Catalog Items
Prompt to Delete Project API entries when the Project is deleted in SI



Promoting multiple alternates adds the total number of accessories selected to each item
Location refresh inconsistencies in Project Editor
Reduce multiple session terminated messages
Two options not persisting for Update from Library
Revision compare to account for renamed and deleted locations and systems

Hotfix 1


Released 10/8/2021


Custom purchase order reports and custom service plan reports are not available after upgrade
Report Setting “Allow custom paper size” is not working after upgrade
Crash may occur when applying price rules for project item with catalog tax set as use tax
Crash occurs when creating a new manufacturer in Product Editor
Crash when replacing a project item and project has no separator in Component ID format
Improve warning message when publishing report with invalid subreport
Export job cost report to Excel in .xlsx format

Hotfix 2


Released 11/1/2021


Crash may occur when tax selected in Tax Settings dialog
Duplicate Component ID may occur if last field in Comp ID format has no data
Replacing product with “Maintain Shapes/Blocks and Connections” not working in Visio Schematic view
Clicking order number in project editor not opening purchase order

Hotfix 3


Released 12/9/2021


Improved the speed of project reports
Price adjustments dialog may crash when unit price set to round to 0 decimals for international number formats
Crash may occur when saving and publishing a locked service order
Vendor address line 1 may not export to QuickBooks Desktop
Should not allow .exe files to upload when publishing Tasks and Service orders to Mobile Install
Service Plan item date editing issues fixed
Wire connections in reports may have an inconsistent separator for hierarchal locations

Hotfix 4


Release 1/24/2022


Crash error occurs when adding package which is not in catalog from Mobile Quote explorer to project 
No prompt for wire length when adding solution with package which has bulk wire
Do not allow users with email guest@d-tools.com to make vendor partner pricing requests
Custom reports may not run if script refers to Xml nodes like custom fields
Editing product in project in offline mode does not work


Additional fixed below require an update to your SI Server. Please contact support for the link if you are experiencing any of these issues.


Column "id" already belongs to another data table error may happen when multiple users check in at once
Approve Time sheet error in SQL Server 2005
Workflow rules are not working when criteria have both change order status and project status and only of them changes on check in
In project rule settings if more than two statuses selected only the last two statuses are getting saved

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