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Custom Reports Overview

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The utilization of custom reports at your company can be very useful! We have provided this Custom Report Guide to assist with creating your own Custom Reports. This guide outlines standard practices and examples of how to create Custom Reports. Custom Report development is not supported by the support team; however, they can answer basic questions and assist with simple changes and updates. If further assistance is required our Professional Services Department offers Custom Report Development, for a fee.


From version to version we don’t foresee any potential concerns with any custom reports, however, please be advised that Custom reports are not supported from one version to the next. This includes custom reports you have created, a third-party created, or D-Tools created. All custom reports are designed and built to work on the current version of SI that you are using. When you upgrade if the report stops working, we can provide a quote to update the report to work with the most recent version of SI.



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