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Solutions 360


Integration Status

  • This API integration is in the Beta phase and available for a few customers.
  • If you are a user of both D-Tools SI and Solutions 360 and would like to test the integration, please contact your Solutions 360 representative and the D-Tools API team (api@d-toolshelp.com) to enable the integration for you.
  • Please note that some features are not yet available.


  • From a Q360 Quote -> Create a D-Tools SI Project -> Update the Q360 Quote back.
  • From a Q360 Quote -> Create a D-Tools SI Project -> Update the Q360 Quote with changes (to include the updated project Bill of Materials as a result of an approved CO in D-Tools SI).


Please note Change Orders are currently not part of this integration solution, however, you can push an updated project (i.e. updated project as a result of an approved CO) to update the Q360 Quote.


Upcoming Features

  1. Bi-directional Change Orders (COs):
    1. COs created in Q360 to create a CO in D-Tools
    2. COs created in D-Tools to exported (as a CO) to Q360
  2. Automated, daily Catalog Integration
    1. Create/Update Items in Q360 from SI
    2. Create/Update Items in SI from Q360


Q360 Details

Solutions 360 is a third-party software for Project Management and Customer Relationship Management services.

Please read more on our Press Release: https://d-tools.com/solutions360-integration-pr/

Integration Overview: https://d-tools.com/360-integration/


Coming soon


The pricing for the integration has not been determined yet. Please note this integration is only available for Software Assurance (SA) Subscribers. Please also note it is only supported by the latest versions of D-Tools System Integrator.


Please request access to the integration by sending an email to api@d-toolshelp.com prior to perform the setup. D-Tools will enable access to your specific account within 48 hours.


Please also request the integration access to Solutions 360 as it needs to be enabled on the Solutions 360 app.  


Initial Setup

In order to use this integration, you must first set it up. This is a one-time setup. You will need an active Solutions 360 account and have purchased the integration.


1. In SI, go to Start->Control Panel, then open "Manage Integrations".


Important note: If this feature is not available, please send an email to api@d-toolshelp.com requesting access to this particular integration, and we will enable it for you. Please note you must be on the latest version of D-Tools and subscribing to Software Assurance (SA) to access this feature.





2. Select Solutions 360, then click the "View API Key" link



3. Click the [Copy] button to copy your API Key and then close these windows.


4. Login to Solutions 360.


5. Enter the API key under integration. For additional details, please contact Solutions 360 support,


If you need assistance, please contact api@d-toolshelp.com

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