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Publish Site Items

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The Publish Site Items feature allows you to publish up to 5,000 Products and Labor Items to Mobile Install for use when adding Site Items. You should choose to publish items that your technicians generally carry/stock in their vehicles.


publish site items button.jpg


You can also publish site items from the Labor Explorer:


publish site items labor.jpg


To use this feature you must first mark all of the Products and Labor Items that you wish to publish to Mobile Install with the following checkbox:


publish to mobile install.jpg


You can also use the Mass Update feature to set this for multiple items at one time.


When you click the Publish Site Items button the following dialog opens:


publish site items form.jpg


The fields that will transfer from SI to Mobile Install are: Manufacturer, Model, Category, Subcategory, Description, Unit Price, and Taxable.


You can change the Price Type to choose which Unit Price will be used in Mobile Install for these Site Items.


price type.jpg


You can now use these Products and Labor Items in Mobile Install for use when adding Site Items.

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