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SI v18 Release Notes



v18 was released on 3/21/2022.


Projects now support quantity for line items (products, labor, packages and solutions) 
Ability to convert project items with quantity greater than 1 to single line items when needed
Ability to convert quantity-based projects to unit-based projects at any time and on project approval
Configurable check for Discontinued items, Unapproved items, items not in Catalog, and pricing differences on project open
Improved Compare and Sync for project items and catalog items to compare, sync, update to/from catalog, and replace in a single user interface
Add check for discontinued accessories and package items when added items or packages to project
Serial Number Search with ability to find serial numbers in project items and linked tasks, service orders, service plans and purchase order receipts
Improved client report speed for large projects with ability to aggregate items with same item hash in report data source
Improved project check in speed when updating items
When approved change order is deleted or marked as pending earlier approved revisions are now updated to maintain revision and change order totals
Allow specific SI users to "View All Documents" with a permission for Customer Portal
Allow "Export Current Layout" functionality for custom layouts in summary views
Allow clone of checked in projects and checked out to others projects
Added Custom Layouts to Job Costing Interface
Added option not to export Phase breakdown for Job Cost
Added Project Setting to adjust task sync interval
Option to export reports to xls or xlsx format
Added Install and Order fields to Visio Smart Callout
Increased Labor Hours to 4 decimals to reduce labor differences when importing project from D-Tools CloudAllow archived projects to be locked and unlocked


Create and manage summary tasks with child tasks
Create and manage summary service orders with child service orders
Option to create summary task from Gantt View for first level parents
Support Project Number as a field in Time Sheet CSV Import
Mobile Install - Persist User's Timeline, Service Order and Tasks Choice
Mobile Install - Add Short and Long Description to Item Information Window 


Added Purchase Price field to SI catalog. Purchase price can be defined in a foreign currency.
Improve partner price checks with ability to Use Partner UOM, Use SI UOM, or Ignore UOM
Find product usages in SI purchase orders
Find product usages in SI service orders
Update from Library - Improve Speed, Interface and Increase Limit to 10000 products
Added custom fields to packages
Added Custom Layouts in Package Explorer
Added Created By field to Products/Labor/Packages
Improve product large image quality for Visio line images



Setting to export SI purchase orders to QuickBooks Desktop with quantity equal to UOM units to avoid UOM issues
Added pagination to Add Clients/Vendors from QuickBooks
When creating QuickBooks Items in Product Explorer give option for taxable code and non-taxable code
When SI pushes an approved CO to QuickBooks with the "project number as estimate number" set estimate number in QB as "Project Number - CO Number" to avoid duplication
Upgrade QuickBooks SDK to version v15



Dynamic checklists – checklists can be edited in projects, tasks and service orders
Allow more than one checklist to be combined and added to tasks and service orders
Added Export to CSV function to Manage Users
Added Description field to Workflow Rules "Insert Field" for Tasks/Service Orders/Service Plans
Added "Name" of address to Client and Vendor CSV Export and Layouts
Ability to search Control Panel Items
Restore database to add check to not allow restore of higher SI server versions
Added Partner Name to Vendors
Improved SQL Server Size and Performance and warning emails to SI Administrator when SQL Server Express at 90% capacity



Integrate with Tracknicity for inventory checks
Integrate with TRXio for inventory checks



Endpoint to allow metric units on data import
Tags endpoint on GET Products Catalog
Description endpoint on the POST Service Orders
Tasks Export Automation from Gantt View
IntegrationProjectId null on GET Projects call
Add missing change order fields for rejected date and change order name



Warn users when mapping Vendor Partner to connected Vendor
Project Hyperlinks not clickable when project not checked out
"Add to Project Only" option not persisting in Add from Library
Point editor dialog not getting closed when we click cancel button
Increase the size of add location and system dialogs in new project wizards
When adding group tax from catalog to project child taxes may not add correctly
Prefix zero of project number is missing when project number is exporting to CSV in project explorer & BA
Inactive clients showing in company dropdown when we create a new contact
Workflow notification is not coming for notify sales rep, project manager & designer when adding comments to the project
Allow midnight date on time sheets
'Package already exists in the database' error may occur when updating new package to catalog in the project

Hotfix 1


Released 4/4/2022, Build 18.20.3924.0


There is a client and server update available for this Hotfix.

Client Fixes


Support for AutoCAD 2023
Crash occurs when edit and save the service order on the business analytics tabular view
Crash occurs on opening project explorer with no view service order permission
Crash occurs on clicking update from catalog in compare and sync with catalog with a summary view active    
Location summary and system summary reports may display incorrectly
Labor adjustments may be  incorrect for stock client reports summary
Labor line items are showing in some stock reports when show labor items is turned off in report definition                
Crash occurs on creating service order for a locked project
When adding items to a purchase order with a UOM in catalog the quantity is rounded down and not rounded up
Expand and collapse field should always appear as first column for task/service order custom layouts
Bother wire label printer report is not working
Error occurs when publishing a service order or task to Mobile Install with custom date field

Server Fixes


Archive service order may archive additional service orders created in v18

Bundled Cable in purchase orders may not display correct project quantity

Hotfix 2


Released 4/21/2022, Build 18.20.3944.0


Compare and Sync improvements for OFE and Non-Billable items
D-Tools Cloud to SI integration improvements for fixed price packages
Improved Project Cover Page Image size to 1520 * 1520px
Unit price maybe incorrect in the quote report
Discount may be incorrect for stock client reports summary
Export selected project items should export to CSV in same order as selection

Hotfix 3


Released 5/11/2022, Build 18.20.3964.0


Stock proposal reports may not show correct non-aggregated product price
Reports - “Show adjustment separately in summary” option not working when “Combine equipment and labor price in summary” option is turned off

Equipment Margin/Markup maybe incorrect in project summary report when project includes use tax in margin/markup calculations 
Add Report Setting to "Remove blank lines in location and system descriptions"
Users with no Create/Modify Products permission in catalog cannot add library items to project only
SOW defaulting to Text on Project Clone               
Should not update catalog product and labor when updating packages to catalog if user does not have create/edit products permission 
An invalid integration may display in Integration Settings

Hotfix 4


Released 6/23/2022, Build 18.20.4007.0

Client Fixes


Improve speed of opening large project and running reports
Crash may occur when trying to add missing project files for project with large file name
Mass update project item date custom fields with blank date should not save as 01/01/0001
Comments not saving for contacts when opened from Client Editor or Vendor Editor
System dropdown not alphabetical
API : Add a CreatedOn field to projects get API

Server Fixes


I/O points data lost on check in and check out of projects

Timeout issues when checking in projects


Note: The server update is not automatic. Please contact Support for a link if you wish to install this update.

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