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There Wire button on the Tools tab in the Project Explorer has two features: Split Bulk Wire, and 


wire dropdown.jpg

Split Bulk Wire


This feature is for use with Bulk Wire Products and allows you to add "boxes of wire" to a Project when when bidding then later split the wire into separate wire drops/runs for drawing purposes in our Visio and AutoCAD interfaces. We recommend adding wire by the drop per foot/meter but if you decide to sell by the box, this feature is handy.


In this example a wire was selected that was added to the project with a wire length of 500 feet, the length contained in a box of this wire.


split bulk wire form.jpg


Enter a Length and choose the Location and/or System you want to associate to the first wire split. You can also change the Phase if desired and choose the Head End, Start Terminal, and End Terminal for the wire.


split fields.jpg


You can then either click the New (Ctrl + N) button to add another split, or click the Clone (Ctrl + D) button to clone the wire you just created.




The running total of your Wire Splits and Remaining Length display at the bottom of the form:


running total.jpg


The Discard Remaining Length option will discard any leftover wire after you have made your splits. This WILL affect the price of your Project so use this only if you are not concerned with the price changing, otherwise just leave the leftover wire in the Project and do not use on your drawings.


There is a Mass Update feature if you need to change any of the fields for any of the wire splits:


mass update.jpg

Splitting More Than You Have


If you split your initial wire into more wire runs/drops than you have available, you will be shown the following warning, e.g. if you have 500 feet of wire and split into eleven 50-foot runs/drops.




Keep in mind that this WILL affect the price of your Project as the "extra" wires will be added to the Project.

Revisions/Change Orders


Because of the way our data tags work for reporting, splitting wire will affect the Items that show up when you Compare Revisions. You might want to use a Product Custom Field to designate these wire splits so you can filter them out when running comparisons between Revisions.

View Wire Connections


The View Wire Connections feature allows you to view the wire connections for a selected wire in the Project Editor. 


view wire connections.jpg


There is a similar feature to view multiple wire connections at a time vs. a single wire, click here for details.


You can choose to disconnect wires here vs. on the drawing pages. You can click the Disconnect link for either the From (Output) or To (Input) end of the wire.


wire connections form.jpg


Note: You should know that disconnecting wires here will not automatically disconnect the wires on existing drawings in Visio or AutoCAD, unless you have changed the following Project Setting to Yes:


project setting.jpg


This setting is set to No by default as it can cause delays when opening Visio and AutoCAD drawings while it scans for disconnected wires.


You can also manually run this function in Visio and AutoCAD via a right-click if you do not wish to change the setting above to Yes:


audit wire connections.jpg


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