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Mass Update

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Mass Update allows you to change fields on multiple items at once in the Product/Labor/Package Explorers. This can be done in your Catalog as well as within a Project.


mass update dropdown.jpg


Select the items you want to update or you can update all items. This opens a form where you will first select which field you want to update.This example is showing the Mass Update for Products. Labor Items and Packages have different fields.


mass update products.jpg


Once you select the field and click [Next >], you will then set the value for the field and click Save:





The Mass Update Products/Labor interface will stay open to allow you to continue changing fields for the selected Products/Labor Items/Packages.

Within the Project Editor


Within the Project Editor you can select multiple Products/Labor Items/Packages and use the Update feature (same as Mass Update):


update in project editor.jpg


On the Mass Update form there is an option to "Update Similar Items". This will apply the update to every instance within the Project of the Product/Labor/Package, based on Manufacturer and Model fields, without you having to select all of the of items. See Similar Items for details.


update similar.jpg

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