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Here you can add/edit/delete Manufacturers.


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This is a list of all the Manufacturers you have in your Catalog.


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The Manufacturer field is required for all Products/Labor Items in your Catalog.However, you will likely not be adding Manufacturers here, they will be added automatically as you enter Products into your Catalog.



You can delete more than one Manufacturer at a time by holding down Shift (to select a series) or Ctrl (to select outside of a series).


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Deleting a Manufacturer will delete all Products/Labor Items from your Catalog assigned to the Manufacturer(s). There is no undo. You have been warned.



You can add multiple "aliases" to any Manufacturer if desired. These aliases will be used when downloading product from the D-Tools Library or when importing a CSV file to your SI Catalog.




Aliases are intended to help you overcome the variations in spellings of Manufacturer names that you may experience when downloading data from our partners, e.g. PSA, AV-IQ, or when you are importing spreadsheets of products provided from various Vendors.


Example: You have products for Manufacturer ABC123 in your SI Catalog. You get a CSV file from a Vendor where the name is spelled "ABC123, Inc.". If you have "ABC123, Inc." as an Alias for "ABC123" then we will map these products in the CSV file to "ABC123" and import any new Products as "ABC123".



You can change the case of one or multiple Manufacturers at time. Make multiple selections by holding down Shift (to select a series) or Ctrl (to select outside of a series). Your options are: Upper, Lower, Title, Sentence



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