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Managing Time Sheets

Time sheets can be managed in the Time Sheet Explorer which can be opened via Start->Time Sheets->Manage Time Sheets:






Besides creating/deleting Time Sheets, the Time Sheet Explorer is where you will approve Time Sheets. For most of the features below you will need to have the proper User Group Permissions.



On the left side of the interface you can filter your Time Sheet list by Date, Resource, and/or Project:


side filter.jpg


You can filter your Time Sheet list further using the Quick Filter:


quick filter.jpg



Time Sheets don't count towards any analytics until they are approved. In order for a Time Sheet to be approved, the Resource assigned to the Time Sheet must have a Burdened Labor Cost associated with them. There is a User Group permission for whether or not you a user can approve Time Sheets.


Select one or more Time Sheets that you want to approve and click the Mark as Approved button:


mark as approved.jpg


This will open the following form:


approval form.jpg


You will see a warning for any Time Sheets where at least one time entry does not have a Phase assigned to it. You can still approve a Time Sheet that has time entries without a Phase assigned but we absolutely recommend that you do assign a Phase for more granular Job Cost reporting and Labor Utilization reporting.


Once a Time Sheet is approved it cannot be edited. If you need to edit an approved Time Sheet you will need to select it and click the Mark as Pending button:


mark as pending.jpg



Time Sheets can be exported to a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file:




You can choose which fields you want to export:


export form.jpg


For Time Sheets with multiple time entries, each time entry will export to its own row.


You can also import Time Sheets from a CSV file into SI:




Once you browse to your CSV file you will then need to map any CSV fields that aren't an automatic match to fields in SI:


map csv fields form.jpg


When you click the Map link next to a field you can choose from one of the available fields in SI, or you can choose to unmap any fields you do not wish to import by clicking the <None> button.


map fields.jpg


There is an option to designate hours as overtime based on your Business Hours and Holidays settings.


overtime setting.jpg


Once you have mapped all your fields, click OK on the Map CSV File form and the Import Time Sheets form will open:


import time sheets form 2.jpg


Here all entries will be considered inadequate as they have not yet been added to a Project, Task, or Service Order. If the Resource name from the CSV isn't an exact match to a Resource in SI then that is also considered inadequate. Use the buttons on the ribbon to assign the required fields.


inadequate symbol.jpg


There is also a Mass Update button available for updating fields:


mass update button.jpg


mass update.jpg


Once you are done assigning the necessary fields, click Import to import the Time Sheets into SI. Once imported you can then Approve the Time Sheets, see above.


import button.jpg

Update From Mobile Install


Each time the Time Sheet Explorer is opened, Time Sheets will automatically synchronize down from Tasks and Service Orders in Mobile Install. You can also manually synchronize any time by clicking the Mobile Install button in the Update From section of the ribbon:


update from mi.jpg

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