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You can access the Calendar via the Start menu:




The Calendar will display Tasks and Service Orders:





Shown in the screen shot above is the Month view but you can change this to any of the following views:Day, Work Week, Week, Month, or Timeline.


view dropdown.jpg


You can choose which Resources and/or Projects to view:


resource filter.jpg

The Merge Calendar feature will combine all individual Resource views into one view and is useful for many of the views:


merge calendar.jpg


In the example below the view is set to Work Week, two Resources are selected, and the Merge Calendar option is not selected:


unmerged workweek.jpg


This is the same view with the Merge Calendar option selected:


merged workweek.jpg


The Timeline view will list the Tasks and Service Orders assigned to the selected Resources in a granular level of time, shown below is the Timeline view, not merged:




The default is half hour increments but you can change that via the "Change your interval duration" link:


change your interval.jpg



You can create a Task/Service Order by right-clicking anywhere on the Calendar view. Click for details on the fields for Tasks and Service Orders.





Tasks and Service Orders can be edited directly in the Calendar view. You can either double-click the Task or Service Order on the calendar itself or in many of the views there is also a list of Task and Service Orders at the bottom of the interface that display for the selected day.


list of tasks.jpg


Tasks/Service Orders can also be dragged to different dates on the calendar if you don't need to open them for additional edits:


drag and drop.jpg


The only exception here is if the Task was created from our Gantt View interface, all date changes must be done in the Gantt interface.

Mass Update


You can select multiple Tasks/Service Orders on the Calendar and update them via the Mass Update feature:


mass update.jpg



You can export your calendar to an .ics file:




You can print your calendar:




When you select a Task or a Service Order (select multiple using Shift or Ctrl) you can generate Reports:




Click for information on Task Reports or Service Order Reports.


You can use the Send To button to send an Email, Appointment, or Task through Outlook. You can also send an Appointment to either Google Calendar or Outlook.com Calendar or create an ICS file:


send to.jpg


Click for information on sending Tasks or sending Service Orders.

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