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Project Rules





Project Rules allow you to set Revision settings as well as set an archive schedule for Projects.


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Create Revisions


Here you can select any number of Project Statuses for which you would like a Revision to be created for when the the Project Status is changed to them.

Maintain Revisions


This option allows you to choose how many of these Revisions to maintain vs. all Revisions. This can help you save storage space for Projects by eliminating any of these "non-Change Order related" Revisions you may not need to keep.

Auto Archive


This option allows to auto-archive projects that have not been updated in x months.

Project Folder Name


This option will allow you to use the Project Number instead of the Project Name for your local Project Folder.

Quantity-Based Projects


This option will default new Projects to be quantity-based vs. unit-based. See Quantity-Based Projects.

Convert Items on Approval


This option will automatically convert all items to a quantity of one when a project is approved. This would apply to all items in the Project that are not designated as a Bulk Item.

Duplicate Project Numbers


This option will allow for duplicate Project Numbers to exist in SI.

Tasks for Quantity-Based Projects


This option will allow Tasks to be created for Quantity-Based Projects.

Purchase Orders for Quantity-Based Projects


This option will allow Purchase Orders to be created for Quantity-Based Projects.

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