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Checklists are customizable lists in SI and can be associated with a Project, Task, or Service Order. These can also be used to add planning tasks in the Gantt view of a Project.


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A checklist can be flat or you can have a hierarchy of up to three levels. Once an item has been added to a checklist it can be promoted/demoted or moved up or down in the list.


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All Checklists created in the Control Panel are global for all users. Once added to a Project/Task/Service Order you can modify the items in the Checklist to make them more specific to each Project/Task/Service Order. You can also merge Checklists for Projects/Task/Service Orders.



You can add multiple Checklists to a Project. To add a Checklist to a project, or to edit an existing Checklist, from the Project Explorer via Open->Checklists:


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You can also access Checklists from the Project Editor.


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This opens the Manage Project Checklists dialog where you can add and edit checklists.


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When you open a Checklist for edit, there are the following additional fields for row: Completed, Status, Completed On, Completed By, and Notes.


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When you check an item in the list, the fields will automatically populate as shown below, but you can manually set/change the fields if needed.


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You can manually change the Status field for any item in the list to "In Progress" or "On Hold".




When any items are marked as "On Hold", an icon will display next to item in the checklist.


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You can modify the list of items on a Checklist at any time using the controls along the ribbon:


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Note: Changes made to the Checklist will be specific to the Project/Task/Service Order, i.e. they do not save to your global list of Checklists.


If you would like to view/print report of a Checklist, click the Preview Button:


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Note: Unlike other reports in SI, this one cannot be customized in our Report Designer.

Tasks/Service Orders


Tasks and Service Orders can have one Checklist associated with them only, vs. the multiple Checklists allowed for Projects. However, you do have the ability to merge multiple Checklists from your global list into the one Checklist available. Checklists are added/edited via the Checklists tab on each Task/Service Order.


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To add Checklists to a Task or Service Order, click the Select button:


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On this form you can select multiple Checklist if you wish them to be merged into the one Checklist for the Task/Service Order:


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Once added, you cannot add additional Checklists to the Task/Service Order without clearing out the existing Checklists:


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You can add or edit Checklist rows via the controls in the ribbon:


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Additional functionality with Task/Service Order Checklists is that they can sync to/from Mobile Install. When publishing a Task/Service Order to Mobile Install, there is a "Publish Checklist" option:


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In Mobile Install there is a Checklist tab:


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Gantt View


Another use for Checklists is to quickly add/insert a list of planning tasks in our Gantt View for a Project.


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