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Mobile Quote Explorer



This explains the Mobile Quote Explorer interface within SIX.



The Mobile Quote Explorer is where you will manage your Mobile Quotes within SIX:



Here you can perform various functions for Quotes that you have synchronized from the Mobile Quote app:


mobile quote explorer interface.jpg



In the Manage section of the ribbon you can view, delete, archive, or unarchive Quotes. When you click the [View] button, the Mobile Quote Viewer will open:



The Mobile Quote Viewer interface displays the Items that you have added to the Quote:


mobile quote viewer.jpg


For more details, click the [Information] button within the Mobile Quote Viewer:



Here you can view general information, the description, and pricing details of the Quote. All information here is non-editable:




The [View] button in the View section of the ribbon will allow you choose which Quotes display: All, My, or Archived



The Quick Filter button allows you to further change what Quotes display:




The Project section of the ribbon allows you to Create or View existing Projects for your Quotes.



Click here for more information on creating a Project from a Quote.

Mobile Devices


The Mobile Devices section of the ribbon allows you to manage your Mobile Devices (iPads) as well as buy additional seats for Mobile Quote.



The [View] button in the Catalog section of the ribbon will display your SIX Catalog as it will be synched with the Mobile Quote app:


The Mobile Quote Catalog Viewer displays Categories and Subcategories from your SIX Catalog with a price range from minimum to maximum:


mobile quote catalog viewer.jpg


Once you have made any edits to your SIX Catalog after the initial sync, click the Build Catalog button here to regenerate the list of Categories/Subcategories prior to you syncing again.

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