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Insert Drawing Pages



Insert Drawing Pages allows you to insert drawing pages from one Visio Project file to another Visio Project file.


What are the benefits of this feature?


This can save you time by replicating drawings from one Project to another for exact/similar configurations.

When to use this feature?


When you don't want to start a new drawing from scratch and can benefit from an existing drawing.



  1. Open the Visio Project file for which you want to insert pages and click the Add-Ins tab then the D-Tools menu and choose "Insert Drawing Pages":



You can also access this by right-clicking anywhere on the Visio page and selecting D-Tools->Insert Drawing Pages:



The Insert Drawing Pages form will open:


insert drawing pages form.jpg


  1. Use the [Browse...] button to locate the Visio Project file that from which you want to insert pages. It is a good idea to first Check Out that project file so you have the most current Project files locally on your machine. The default location for Projects is:


C:\Users\username\Documents\SIX Projects


insert drawing pages form 2.jpg


  1. Select the page(s) you want to insert and click [OK]. The "Insert related package and accessory items" option is checked by default and is nice because the majority of the time, not all accessories or all items in a Package will be on the drawing page, but you still want those Items to be added to the Project Editor.



Locations and Systems will not be created in the Project where the pages are inserted. If identical Locations/Systems exist in the Project, the Items that are inserted will be assigned to the Locations/Systems. If they do not exist, they will be added to the Project as "Unassigned" Locations/Systems.

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