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Import/Export Products

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You can export, edit, then import a CSV file from within a Project. You cannot add any new Items to the Project via the CSV import, it is strictly an update.

What are the benefits of these features?


Exporting Project Items to a CSV file can be useful for importing into third-party software. You may also feel more comfortable editing Items from a Project in a CSV file, then importing the CSV file back into the Project to update the Items.



Within the Project Editor, click the Tools tab and you will see the Export/Import options in the ribbon:





When exporting you will choose to export just whatever Items you have selected, or you can export all Items:



This will open the Export Items to CSV File interface:



Here you can choose what field you wish to export. If you choose to include calculated fields in your export, just know that these fields cannot be re-imported, e.g. Installation Price.

Update from CSV (Import CSV)


To re-import the CSV file into the Project, Click the [Update from CSV] button on the ribbon:




You will be prompted to browse for your CSV file. Once selected, the following interface opens:




This form will show Matched and Unmatched Items. Now, to be clear here, there should be no Unmatched Items since the point of this function is to re-import a CSV file that you exported from the Project, but this is here in case you modify a Model number or try to add Items in the CSV. Only Matched Items will be imported.


You have the choice of updating just selected or Items or all Items:


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Once you choose to update, you will be prompted for what fields you wish to update:



Once updated, you will get a confirmation message:


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