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Managing Purchase Orders



You can manage Purchase Orders via the Purchase Order Explorer:





Viewing Purchase Orders


By default, all Purchase Orders will display in the Purchase Order Explorer:



You can filter your Purchase Orders via the Quick Filter button:



You can filter via the column filters:



You can also filter by Vendor and/or date range in the tree on the left side of the Purchase Order Explorer:


Editing Purchase Orders


To edit a Purchase Order, you can double-click in the Purchase Order Explorer grid or you can select the Purchase Order and click the [Edit] button:


Receiving Purchase Orders


You can mark Purchase Orders as "Received" by selecting the Purchase Order in the grid and clicking the [Receive] button:



This will open the New Receive form:



Here you can edit the Qty to Receive column for each Product. If you do not receive a full order you will enter just the quantity received and you can add any Notes to this if you wish.


Note: Use your [Tab] key to quickly go down the list once you click in one of the Qty to Receive fields.



You can also use the [Receive All] or [Receive Selected] buttons if you wish:



When done you can [Save and Close] or you can run a report for this "Receive":



Click here for details on the report.


When you Save and Close the Purchase Order Receive it will display in the Receives section of the Purchase Order Explorer:



The next time you open the Project(s) where Purchase Orders have Receives associated with them, you will be prompted whether or not you want to update the Order fields:



Clicking [Yes] will open the following form:



Select the Products you wish to update and click [Next>]:



Select the fields you wish to update and click the [Update] button. If updating the Order Status you must choose an appropriate Order Status by clicking the Manage Order Statuses if you have done this already:




You can also export your Purchase Orders directly to Excel or to PDF:


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