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The Dashboards interface allows you to view data across multiple Projects. You can access this interface via Start->Projects->Manage Dashboards:



This opens the Dashboard Explorer:



On the left side there is a list of the stock Dashboards in SI 2017, organized by three Categories: Sales Insights, Business Insights, and Product and Labor Insights.



You can edit these Categories or create your own via the [Categories] button:



Each of the Dashboards can be expanded to display their Definitions (how they will group):



Note: "Sales Rep" refers to the "Assigned To" field for a Project and "By Stage" refers to the Project Progress field.


You can double-click a Definition to generate a Dashboard or you can select and click the [Run] button:



On the right side of the interface there are filters that you can apply:



Project Progresses and the Statuses assigned to them dictate which Projects are used for the data for any given Dashboard.


When you run a Dashboard, you can then change the way the data is displayed via the buttons along the top of the interface. You can change the chart type to your preference: Column, Bar, Pie, or Table.



You can change whether to display the date from Top or Bottom and decide how many records to display:




You can change the label angle:



You can export the charts as a .png file or the Table can be exported to Excel or PDF:



Click here to learn how create your own Dashboards.

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