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Customizing the Wire Label Reports

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The label sheets (Model LSL78 from impact,inc.) that these reports were designed to be used with are sheets of 7 columns with 3 rows (21 labels/sheet). The text prints on a white part of the sticker and the rest of the sticker is clear for wrapping/protecting the text.



In this example, we will customize this report to fit Model LSR77 from the available labels. You can customize to this for any other brand of labels if you prefer.




In this example, we will create a custom report based off of a stock Wire Labels report to fit a sheet of labels that has 7 labels across and 7 rows of labels (49 labels/sheet). Based on the chart above, the height of each label is 1.33".


  1. Open the Standard Report Designer. Click Start->Reports->Standard Report Designer:



  1. Click the [New] button:



  1. The New Report Wizard will open. Click [Next]:



  1. Select the Wire Labels By Location report and click [Next]:



  1. Give your report a clever name:



  1.  Click [Next] through all of the steps. When done click the [Finish] button. The Report will open for edit.



  1. Select the Detail1 section of the report and you will see that in the Properties window there is a height set:




  1. Change the height to 1.33 and then publish the report to test:



Note: If your sheet of labels has different margins, those can be changed via the report information:




Click [Next >] to get the Page Setup step:



Also, if your sheet of labels has a different column count, you can change this via the Properties window:


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