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Brother Wire Label Printer

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This page describes the Brother Wire Label Printer report.




The two primary print devices that work with this report are the Brother PT-P900W and PT-P950NW. They look like this:




These printers come with Brother P-Touch software that allows you to create your own wire label templates. All of the stock SI 2018 templates were designed to be used with .94" label tape similar to this option. For a complete list of print devices that the Brother SDK supports click here.


By default, only connected wires display on this report, e.g. wire shapes are connected to shapes/blocks in a Visio/AutoCAD drawing. However, there is a Report Setting if you want unconnected wires to display in this interface.


Note: If you are using the 64-bit version of Visio or AutoCAD, you must run the Brother Wire Label Report from directly within the Project Explorer, not from within either drawing interface.



When you generate this report, the following interface opens:




The fields that you can choose from for your labels are: Wire Number (Wire Component ID), Head End, Location, Source Component ID, Destination Component ID, From Manufacturer, From Model, To Manufacturer, To Model.


You can choose which fields display by clicking the Field Chooser button. A window will open to allow you to choose which fields you want:



To select an order, drag the columns into the desired position:



The Label Template dropdown menu displays the stock SI 2018 templates for these wire labels:



You can fill in the Note field if you want to put a message on the labels:



When you select a template, a preview will display:



Note: You must have the Brother P-Touch software installed for the preview to display. Also, the image on the stock templates appears fuzzy in the preview but that is just a display issue, the image prints nicely.


You can either print all of the labels, or you can select the ones you want by using [Shift] or [Ctrl] on your keyboard. There are [Print All] and [Print Selected] buttons in the upper left corner of the interface:



The print device automatically scores each label for easy peeling.



Custom templates can be built based off of our existing templates using the Brother P-Touch software. Click here for instructions.

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