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Customer Interface

Email Notification


When an SI user shares documents with a recipient, the recipient will receive an email with their login information similar to the image shown below:


Logging In


When they click the [View Documents] button a browser will open to the login page for the Customer Portal:



When you log in for the first time you will be prompted to reset your password:



Interface Tour


Once logged in you the interface will look similar to the image below:



The documents will display on "tiles" in the center of the page. There are filters on the right-side of the page:



You can search for documents as well:


In the upper right corner there will be an icon with the customer's initials:



Clicking this will allow clients to update their profile, change their password, or log out of the Customer Portal.



The editable fields for the profile are their name as well as their stored signature (should they choose to store a signature, see below).


Viewing Documents


Click on a document tile to view it:



The document will display:



Note: When a document is viewed, an email will be sent to the "users to notify" for the document.


There are navigation controls at the bottom of the interface:


On the left hand side of the interface you can make comments:



Note: Comments will be sent to all of the "users to notify" for the document via email.


Other actions, e.g. when a document is viewed or accepted/rejected, are displayed on the History tab:



Accepting and Rejecting


If the document published requires customer approval, you will also see [Accept] and [Reject] buttons:



Note: Once you accept or reject a document it cannot be then be rejected or accepted.


When you accept or reject a document, you will be prompted to add a comment:



When you accept a document, you will also be prompted to electronically sign:



You can choose to draw or type your signature:



If you choose to type your signature you have style options for the text:



If you would like to save your signature as the default for future documents check the box:



Once a document has been accepted, you do have the option of changing your signature if you feel it needs another go:



When a document is accepted, an email with the signed document in PDF format will be sent to both the customer and SI user.

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