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Creating Custom Dashboards

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You can create your own custom Dashboards from scratch or you can clone existing Dashboards to modify them. Click Start->Projects->Manage Dashboards to open the Dashboard Explorer interface.



To create a new Dashboard, click the [New] button:



This will open the New Dashboard form:



You are required to enter a name and then you can make the rest of your choices. You will choose a Data Source:



You can assign your Dashboard to an existing Category or you can create a new Category via the link:



You can choose your default chart type as well as choose which Definitions (grouping) you want for your Dashboard:



You will then choose whether you want one or two Series of data, and what you want that data to be:



And lastly you can click the Filters tab if you want to pre-set any filters:



When done, click the [Save and Close] button. Your custom Dashboard will display with a slightly different icon. If you then make any adjustments/changes to your custom Dashboard within the Dashboard Explorer, you have the option to save your changes:



You can also choose to Clone an existing Dashboard if you don't want to start from scratch:



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