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Reports Tab



The Reports Tab within the Project Editor is where you can generate reports for a Project.



You can also generate reports directly from within the Project Explorer via the Reports tab but you will not have all of the features available within the Project Editor.


Reports Section



There are buttons for Client, Installation, Management, Other, and Excel. The Other dropdown is where you can run Report Groups and view any custom Report Categories or uncategorized reports. Click here for details on all of the stock reports.


Click here for details.

Arrange Items



This option will allow you to choose the order in which the Items in your Project display on Client reports.


Click here for details.

Foreign Currency



Click here for details.

Cover Page Image



Click here for details.

Report Options



Here you can choose whether to run your reports for all Items, Filtered Items, or Selected Items. You can also choose whether or not to include Accessories or Alternates on your Proposal reports.

Quick Reports



These buttons are shortcuts to two reports, Project Summary and the Quote report. You can change the reports that generate for these buttons via your Report Settings:





Click here for details.

Report Settings



Click here for details.

Sync Down Thumbnails



You will seldom need to use this. Every time you open you SI Client, Item thumbnails synchronize from your SI Server. If you already have SI open, and someone changes a lot of images in your Catalog, you would need to click this button to get the current images from your SI Server.

Additional Reports



Click here to download additional reports that have been created for SI.

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