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Import Vendor(s) from Outlook



Outlook should be open prior to importing Vendors. This is not required but speed will be improved.



  1. In the Vendor Explorer, click the [Outlook] button in the Import section of the ribbon.



  1. The Import Vendor from Outlook form will open:


Select your Vendors


  1. Select the Vendors you want to import into SI.



You can click the check box next to multiple Vendors to import them into SI or you can use the [Select All] button on the ribbon.



There are column filters:




There are filters in the ribbon for showing All, New, or Matched Vendors. The New filter shows only Vendors who don't already exist in SI. The Matched filter will shows only Vendors that already exist in SI, use this for updating information for existing Vendors. You can also choose a specific Contact Folder from Outlook.



There's a search field:



Choose Address Type


Select an available Address Type from Outlook to import, and also choose if you want to "Import Company Name as Client Name":




  1. Click the [Import and Close] or the [Import] button:


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