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SI v13 Release Notes




Major Features


Service Plans – Define, create, sell, and manage service contracts

Vendor Pricing – Access to dealer-specific pricing from select partner suppliers/vendors

Allowance Packages – Substitute allowances for parts with no impact on price

Bundled Cable Packages – Provides accurate product and labor calculations for bundled cables, new Finish Wire shape functionality in Visio

Add ability to publish products and labor from catalog to Mobile Install to use as Site Items

AV-IQ integration to Add Products from Library



Replace products can maintain shapes and connections on approval of change orders

When approving change order option to retain cost and price of items deleted in change order in a placeholder item

When marking items for deletion in change order give option to convert accessories to parent items

Item Summary in Project Editor has option to increase and decrease quantity

Four new pick list custom fields in projects

Custom Layouts on Project Editor Summary Views

Add Custom Fields to Add Accessories dialog and ability to choose columns to display

Allow for Split Bulk Wire to be used in Approved Projects

Option to convert costs and prices based on changes in currency rates when changing currency rate in project

Allow Report Groups to be linked to Quick Reports buttons with ability to rename buttons

Project Number Format to allow for no prefix and blank separator

Add parameter to Purchase Order Request reports to Exclude Items Marked for Deletion

Add a Notes field to Locations and Systems

Add checkbox for Do Not Order in Project Editor and make editable

Add "Hide Item Pricing" parameter for all line item detail reports

Persist last view in Project Editor

Persist Explorers pinned state option on Project Editor

Add "Auto Fit all Layouts" to all views on Project Editor

IP Address 2 added to project and task items

Purchase Orders


Labor Items, Bundled Cable, and items within Allowances can be added to purchase orders

Add Tracking Number and sync to projects

Item Receipt Improvements to enter Serial Number and MAC addresses for each item and sync to projects

Item Receipt Labels report

Update from vendor portal when purchase order opened



Setting to overwrite SI PO Numbers with QuickBooks PO Numbers

Add mapping for Other 1 and Other 2 fields for QuickBooks Desktop Estimate line items

Transfer Client PO number and Sales Rep to QuickBooks Desktop purchase order

Settings to not allow special characters to be transferred to QuickBooks

Improve speed of connection to QuickBooks desktop remote QBW files with cache of connection

Implement OAuth2 for QuickBooks Online integration



Workflow Rule filter to "Notify resources on project with roles"

Workflow Rule filter to “Notify any resource with a role”

Allow Price Rules to be applied on CSV import of Products

Install SQL Server 2017 as the default SQL Server for fresh installations

Improve speed of SI server backup and restore

Export Task and Service Order to ICS format

Setting to automated export to integrations

Allow multiple Price Types to be used in PSA pricing update

Add "Inactive" to Mass Update for Clients and Contacts

11/4/19 Client Update


This was a Client-side only update and it has the following features/bug fixes.



Ability to clone User Groups

Option to maintain custom fields when replacing products

Sync Part Number between SI and QuickBooks Online

Setting to transfer Project Number to QuickBooks Desktop ‘Other’ field

Setting to cache the QuickBooks Desktop connection for faster connections to remote QBW files



Export to PDF in Visio has incorrect page size when display scaling more than 100%

Adding "Long Description" to Project Layout crashes SI

Import CSV is not updating the project item custom field values

Project Cost value is incorrect in some management reports when use tax is used to calculate margin in project.

Product cost does not display for allowances with use cost from items in the item summary view

Cloned Allowances do not populate Package ID

Project created on date may change when project checked out

"Use Cost from Items" should be editable for approved Allowances

Add Change Order Number to Notifications/Emails

When running reports for Selected Items in Compare View, incorrect items display in report

11/20/19 Server Update



Allowance and Bundled Cable with no items are deleted from catalog when either manufacturer, category, or products are deleted in the catalog

Save service plan can fail after manually changing a service plan number



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