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Cloud API Technical Aspects

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Our Cloud API has been created to bridge the data from the on-premises D-Tools server to a cloud API Server, where it becomes available to a subscription from the incoming 3rd party application.


It is important to understand how our API has been designed in relationship to our product: As an on-premises application, SI 2016/17 has no directly accessible API. Instead we have created a middle-ware solution running on our cloud. In this way, our solution integrates to our cloud to enable data to be published for consumption by other cloud, or on-premises, applications.





  • Catalog (Products) Export
  • Project(s) Export
  • Change Order Export

We are working to add additional types of records.



  1. A catalog can contain up to 10000 records.
  2. To access the Beta API, users must be on the last version of D-Tools. The access with an outdated version terminates automatically when a new version is released.
  3. To access the API, users must be enrolled on the Software Assurance (SA) program.



API testing can be performed using Postman Chrome Extension.

Link: http://www.getpostman.com/ 

Please contact our API support and request the a test login credential. This information cannot be posted publicly.

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