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Cloud API Technical Aspects

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Our Cloud API has been created to bridge the data from the on-premises D-Tools server to a cloud API Server, where it becomes available to a subscription from the incoming 3rd party application.


It is important to understand how our API has been designed in relationship to our product: As an on-premises application, SI 2016/17 has no directly accessible API. Instead we have created a middle-ware solution running on our cloud. In this way, our solution integrates to our cloud to enable data to be published for consumption by other cloud, or on-premises, applications.





  • Catalog
  • Project

Currently the data provided, catalog and project are the only data from SI 2016/17 available through the API. However, we are working to add additional types of records soon.



  1. A catalog can contain up to 10000 records.
  2. To access the Beta API, users must be on SI 2016 R3 or above. The access with SI 2016 R3 will terminate on April 2017.
  3. To access the API, users must be on SI 2017



API testing can be performed using Postman Chrome Extension.

Link: http://www.getpostman.com/ 

Please contact our API support and request the a test login credential. This information cannot be posted publicly.

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