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Exporting Products

How to Export Products From Your Database

A way to edit multiple Products at one time is to export your data to an Excel spreadsheet.  This is particularly useful for updating prices for a large number of Products.

Open the MMPD interface and click the Product Grid tab.  The Product Grid screen will display:


Use the tabs to filter your Products to the ones you want to export.  The Products will display in the grid:


Click PDM Export to Excel.  The Export form will open.


Accept the license agreement and click [Next]:


Choose your path and filename and change the Field Delimiter if necessary.  When ready, click [Export].  If you left the “Open in Microsoft Excel after export” options checked, Excel will launch and the file will be ready for editing.

notes_50After you have made your modifications to the spreadsheet, follow the instructions in the Import Products section of this guide to import your changes.  See Importing Products


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