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SI 2018 Release Notes

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  • Change Orders - re-engineered change order and revision process with support multiple persistent change orders in Project Editor with approval process. Multiple pending change orders can be worked on in a single project. Support internal and external change orders.
  • Use Tax/Purchase Tax added to products in projects and purchase orders.
  • GDPR Compliance - Improved security with user sign in policies for strong password, cannot repeat passwords, must change password, session timeout, lock user after multiple failed logins etc.
  • Sync user policies to Mobile Install and Customer Portal
  • PSA product data available for download with automatic pricing updates
  • Support for AutoCAD 2019
  • Ability to add multiple packages in Mobile Quote Explorer to project at once
  • Add Budget fields to projects with ability to filter for over budget projects
  • Add Export Current Layout functionality to Project Editor and Project Compare Editor
  • Add Expand/Collapse All buttons to the Manage Project Locations interface as shortcut menu
  • Prompt to restore product cost and price is OFE is unchecked
  • Add Updated On field to Packages in Projects
  • User sign in and sign out logs
  • Server exception logs
  • Client and Vendor notes increased to 4000 characters
  • Project setting to display page number on Visio Off-Page reference shape
  • Quote Report has parameter to "Show Labor Items"
  • Add option to display labor hours in Proposal Summary section of all reports
  • Add ability to mark Tasks/Svos as Unapproved in Mobile Install
  • Preview Site Notes and Site Images in Mobile Install
  • Log Customer Portal shared documents
  • Improve performance and reduce memory usage in critical parts of application
  • Allow users to select billing or site address when exporting estimates to QuickBooks
  • Add QuickBooks Setting to include Project Number in Job Name when creating New Customer/Job
  • Add QuickBooks Settings to not include "Labor:" in front of Phase labor
  • Allow for all Project Custom Fields to be added to Notes field
  • Each SI user must have a unique email address
  • Add ability to choose a Template from the New Project Wizard
  • Update Brother Wire Label SDK to 3.2.010
  • Add a prompt "Are you sure you want to cancel?" throughout SI
  • API Improvements to support new change orders process and allow integration to update existing items in a project.
  • Improve project check in and check out to remove dtp files on server (database is only store of project data)
  • Rename "Progress" to "Status" throughout SI
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